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How Commercial Construction Loans Work

Commercial construction loans

Unless they’re astoundingly lucky, every business finds itself in financial need at some point in time. Construction projects are no exception. There may come a time when you turn to the idea of a commercial loan to bolster your business, take your operations to the next level or purchase that vital piece of equipment or machinery. It’s important to understand how these loans work so you don’t end up in trouble from misunderstanding. Learn the basics of how commercial construction loans work, how they can greatly affect your business development and how a professional consulting firm can help.

Business Development and Commercial Loans

Commercial construction loans can be a big part of your business development strategy. They can provide crucial funds when you need them—whether it’s to consolidate debt, to build and grow your business, to get your payroll more solvent, or to buy a desperately needed piece of new or replacement machinery or equipment. It can, however, be tricky to navigate this process, and a professional business consulting firm can help your Memphis construction company get the funds they need, when they need them.

Types of Loan

There are two kinds of loans that you’ll need when financing your real estate development. The first is short-term financing to get the construction up and running. The second is the long-term financing to keep you solvent after the project stabilizes and you are up to the level of securing occupancy. Usually these two loans can be combined in the form of a mini-perm and construction loan. This can help you pay off the construction and get you an essential operating history.


Underwriting is the process where the bank evaluates the company and project to determine whether the loan will be approved. The biggest issue with commercial construction underwriting is that there’s no operating history, so it’s a higher risk loan than, say, a standard business loan. Because of these risks, the credit approval process focuses strongly on the contractor, the development plan and team, and market conditions.


It would be wonderful if closing was just signing on the dotted line and getting your money, but this can be the most complex part of getting your commercial construction loan secured. There’s a metric ton of documents that need to be provided, there are attorneys involved and you’ll feel like you are signing your life away. One misstep can skew the entire process, so you want to be sure that everything is in order and goes just right.

The Commercial Business Consulting Firm

This is why hiring a business consulting firm can be your best bet when it comes time to source capital for your next project. Consulting firms are vital allies in getting the funding you need. They’ve got years of experience and expertise behind them, and can make sure that you avoid all the various pitfalls you’ll encounter. If you’re looking to finance a Memphis commercial construction project, check out our services, and give us a call for a consultation today.

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