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  • Importance of Exit Strategy

    The Importance of Having an Exit Strategy Plan

    The day you open the doors to your business is an exciting one, full of promise for future success. The last thing on your mind is selling the business or walking away. It is, however, vital that every business owner keep in the back of their mind that the day might come when you want […]

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  • How a Business Broker Can Help

    How a Business Broker Can Help During the Selling Process

    When you decide it’s time to sell your Memphis business, whatever the reason, you’re facing a complex and tricky process. Over the years you may have become an expert in the operations and industry you serve, but selling? That’s a whole different league and game. The good news is that business brokers exist specifically to […]

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  • selling a business

    5 Steps to Selling Your Small Business

    You have reached the point where it’s time to divest yourself of your Memphis business. Perhaps it’s gotten large enough that you feel there’s value in the sale, and you want to start something new. Perhaps it’s not what you thought it would be. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to do it right so you […]

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  • buying a business

    Tips for Buying an Existing Business

    When the time comes to start your journey towards entrepreneurship, one option that can help you get up and running fast is to buy an existing business. There are a lot of benefits to taking this approach, with a few pitfalls as well. You’ll want to take the right steps to make sure everything goes […]

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  • strong exit strategy

    Three Elements of a Strong Exit Strategy

    It’s commonly accepted that entrepreneurs should put a lot of thought and planning into getting into a new business. What is not as commonly known is that exiting your business requires just as much planning. When you are the subject of a buyout or otherwise turn your business over to a new owner, you want […]

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