Do I need an attorney?

go to link Do I need an attorney? An experienced attorney can be of invaluable assistance in making sure that all of the legal aspects of the transaction are properly handled. Business brokers are not qualified to give legal advice; however, many attorneys are not qualified to give business advice. A buyer’s attorney will be, and should be, looking after their client’s best interests. However, a buyer must remember that the seller’s interests must also be considered. The transaction must be fair for all parties. If an attorney goes too far in trying to protect a buyer’s interests, the seller’s attorney may well instruct his or her client not to proceed. It is also important that the attorney be familiar with the business buying process and has the time available to handle the paperwork on a timely basis. If an attorney does not have experience in handling business sales, a buyer may well be paying for the “attorney’s education.” Nemo Vista can provide you with names of attorneys who have proven to be familiar with the business purchase and sale process.

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